Rules of FairPlay

Rules of FairPlay

Our Mission Statement

At Play 4 Win, Our Fair Play policy is central to our efforts to provide you with a healthy, rewarding, and productive fantasy sports experience.

Ensure Responsible Play

  • Age: Players must be 18 years of age to play skill games for real money.
  • There is an option for players to set the daily and monthly playing limit, by sending us a request from their registered email address. Once set, these limits can be changed again only after 72 hours from the previous change - this helps user limit their spending as the gameplay can be adictive.
  • Players can request for their accounts to be temporarily blocked, if they want to self-exclude themselves for some time from the game play. It may take 48 working hours to honor the request.
  • Players can follow our ‘Guide to Responsible Play’ in order to keep a check on their play behaviour and do not break the rules.

Guide to Responsible Play

Following are some of the best practices to help you play responsibly:

  • Play in moderation and only for entertainment - respect the age limit 
  • Do not play to make money or escape problems
  • Never chase your losses while playing, casino-like user behaviour may cause financial loss
  • User can set aside an entertainment budget
  • Keep track of the time and monitor the amount of money you spend most of mobiles provide app usage timer that gives notification on app usage limit
  • Use the Add Cash limit option to help control the amount you spend.
  • Balance the time you spend on playing online games with other leisure activities.

Game Prudence

Game Prudence is an independent body which aims to help players, playing on skill-gaming websites, in incorporating responsible gaming habits into their lifestyles. Game Prudence is a non-judgmental platform providing you with private, confidential and free of cost psychological counselling, wherein you can identify how healthy your gaming habits are as well as receive professional guidance from experts. All Game Prudence experts are certified by iGaming Academy.

Get Help from Game Prudence

If you suspect that you are facing any of the issues mentioned above and as a result have not been playing responsibly, or if you know someone who is facing similar issues, kindly seek help immediately.

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